Shifra’s first bath (a family experience)

Shifra was approximately 2 weeks when she had her first bath.

A few notes on the video below:

1. The bath is in the kitchen sink. clean, easy to fill and empty, and with a good height bench to work with

2. bath water is lovely and warm. warm enough for anyone to comfortably bathe in

4. bath water is deep.

5. the room is warm.

6. everything is prepared at arms reach beforehand.

7. no special soaps are needed but for this bath, a small amount of grapeseed oil, coconut oil and tangerine essential oil was used as her skin was a little flaky and dry (which is very normal at this stage)

8. before the bath she is wrapped in a towel and her face, neck, and eyes are cleaned as it is easier to feel in control and safely hold her while she is out of the bath.

9. Once in the bath a small washer is warm and wet and placed in her belly to keep her warm and submerged.

10. She is deeply submerged to her neck.

11. she is supported with my whole arm behind her head and I am holding her arm with my hand so I feel very secure while she is in the bath.

12. She is VERY settled in the bath, even with all the chatting from her sisters.

13. She signals when it is no longer enjoyable and is removed, dried and dressed.

14. she slept very soundly after this.

15. she would often fall asleep in her bath.

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