Home sweet home


Hi, I’m Jennifer Yehudit Hazi, Registered Midwife and Mother of five. I have been attending births over 14 years, initially as a doula then as a midwife, practicing since 2015. I have been teaching childbirth and parenting education for over a decade.

Musings on midwifery, motherhood among other things.

About Me

I am based in the Eastern Suburbs, Sydney, and work with families both locally and internationally.

I also happen to be one of the few, incredibly lucky people who work each day doing the thing they love most. I never tire of being invited to share in these moments.

My proudest achievements are my 5 daughters. In all their messy splendour. Second to that is my ability to mother them, which is far messier, but occasionally magnificent.

I believe in a strong philosophy of respectful, and compassionate maternity care, advocacy for individualised care, and supporting women and their families as they step into each stage with confidence.

Health fund rebates for childbirth education are available from a range of health funds. Please check with your individual fund for details.