About me

I work with families where times of transition and parenthood connect.

 I am based in the Eastern Suburbs, Sydney, and work with families both locally and internationally.

I also happen to be one of the few, incredibly lucky people who work each day doing the thing they love most. I never tire of being invited to share in these moments.

My proudest achievements are my 5 daughters. In all their messy splendour. Second to that is my ability to mother them, which is far messier, but occasionally magnificent.  

I believe in a strong philosophy of respectful, and compassionate maternity care, advocacy for individualised care, and supporting women and their families as they step into each stage with confidence.

Midwifery Care:

I work clinically as a midwife across all areas in a large tertiary referral hospital. Unfortunately, I am not available to provide midwifery care outside of this setting.

Antenatal Education:

I have been teaching and facilitating childbirth education in one form or another from 2009.

I have enjoyed working privately with couples, facilitating Circles of Women (monthly antenatal group) and small groups with expecting families.

Currently I offer online education for birth partners and expecting parents and am available to tailor private, independent education to you in the Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.

Why independent childbirth education? This means I can can tailor education to your specific needs, and not overwhelm you. Education that will replace your nervousness with excitement. Information that leaves you feeling ready. I do want you to know you have options. I know that having more information means more opportunities.

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