About me

I work with families where times of transition and parenthood connect.

 I am based in the Eastern Suburbs, Sydney, and work with families both locally and internationally.

My proudest achievements are my 5 daughters. In all their messy splendour. Second to that is my ability to mother them, which is far messier, but occasionally magnificent.  

I also happen to be one of the few, incredibly lucky people who work each day doing the thing they love most. I never tire of being invited to share in these moments.

I am often asked as a midwife, “Do you have children?” and “What were your births like?” and here is my answer: Yes, and they were all unique with their own different joys and challenges. These personal experiences only confirmed what I had already learned from caring for a diverse range of families as a midwife – There is no one way to birth and parent a baby, but however you do it, having good information, choices and kindness makes the journey better!

I believe in a strong philosophy of respectful, and compassionate maternity care, advocacy for individualised care, and supporting women and their families as they step into each stage with confidence.

Midwifery Care:

I work clinically as a midwife across all areas in a large tertiary referral hospital. Unfortunately, I am not available to provide midwifery care outside of this setting.

Antenatal Education:

I have been teaching and facilitating childbirth education in one form or another from 2009.  

I have enjoyed working privately with couples, facilitating Circles of Women (monthly antenatal group) and small groups with expecting families.

Currently I offer online education for birth partners and expecting parents and am available to tailor private, independent education to you in the Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.

Why independent childbirth education? This means I can can tailor education to your specific needs, and not overwhelm you. Education that will replace your nervousness with excitement. Information that leaves you feeling ready. I do want you to know you have options. I know that having more information means more opportunities.

Postnatal Support.

The biggest need for support when a new baby is here includes nurturing the parents, wrapping up the entire family with care and kindness so the transition to this new life is gentle.

We have experienced, like many families, significant isolation with our new babies. I know you can go out to a parent’s group, you can meet in a café with your organised baby bag and talk about different pooping patterns – this is also important. But this kind of socialisation is so incredibly different from the kind of postpartum care I craved as a new mother.

I needed someone to tidy the dishes so I didn’t need to think about them all day. To hold my baby for an hour so I could have a long, slow shower without any feelings of guilt. I needed the reassurance that no matter how long the night was a friendly face would be there in the morning to pick up whatever pieces I needed to drop, in order to recover.  A hot meal, a massage, and a kind word. To talk about the massive transformation, I was going through. To process who I am now I have become a mother. If they knew a thing or two about baby care and breastfeeding that might have helped too. I needed someone to help me trust myself. And to notice me.

Honestly, how anyone does this without a lot of extra hands it astounds me. We are sold this idea that women who call for help are somehow not as strong. But that can’t be true. The standard is supposed to be support. Constant, judgement free, support. Not isolation and feelings of inadequacy.

For many women clinical care finishes sometime in the first week after birth.  Although I do not work as a midwife in the private postnatal space, I am available to support families with a range of skills and services.

Recovering from birth, adjusting to life as a new mum or dad and raising a baby is a big enough job. That is why I work closely with new families for the first 3 months with their new baby. I enjoy being flexible so if you need more help I can be around and if you are enjoying parenting solo other days I can hold back. So families have the freedom and the security to know someone is there the entire time.

Sexual Health Education/ Puberty Education:

As a mother of 5 daughters I have a keen interest in good quality sexual health education. I promote honesty, openness and self -awareness to help young women move towards independence and empowered with their own fertility choices.  

I am here for young women and their families to help them learn more about women’s health, menstruation and puberty, cycle awareness and monitoring.

When we frame this time as a rite of passage and combine it with good quality evidence, we raise a generation of strong women who know their bodies and trust themselves!

Public Speaking & Group Facilitation:

I was a reluctant public speaker. I think it is something I was terrified of until I found something, I was so passionate about. Now just try to stop me.

It is far too easy for me to talk and talk and talk. Talking to new groups and crowds gives me the opportunity to hear from families and answer questions. I love meeting new people and am inspired by the excitement and passion new parents a and seeing the relief when new and expecting parents hear the same questions and worries are on everyone’s mind.  

Doula Education and Mentoring:

Did you know I started this whole adventure as a doula? It was the perfect beginning, focused totally on the emotional and physical needs of families. It was a huge time for learning and joy for me. These days I offer continuing education and mentoring for new and experienced doulas at We Birth.

In 2017 I Co-Founded We Birth Advanced Training for Doulas and Birth Workers. Working with a national cohort of doulas, we provide continuing education, mentoring opportunities and a consistent standard for doulas who are certified with us.

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