I was really worried about how to approach the healthcare professionals with my concerns, but Jen really helped me with the confidence to be able to talk to them and explain exactly what we want.

I particularly liked the personal one on one aspect. Being able to just talk about what was on my mind. Having the one on one has really help me to feel connected to the information discussed with Jen.

I now feel that I have a lot better understanding of how I can give the needed support to my partner before/during and after, her labour.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Jen’s education and personal touch, especially with (the non-pregnant) partners, to anyone who is bring new life into the world.

— Chris Matthews, South Australia

After offering to be the birth coach for a close friend, and not yet with any children myself, I needed guidance with regards to preparing for her birth. Having 1-1 information sessions with Jennifer, she took us through the birth process, learning about our individual roles and how I could best inform myself and prepare to be the support my friend needed. The birth was an absolutely special experience it was absent of doubts and fears and instead filled with peace, calm and total elation..

— Rivkah Laya, Denver, Colorado

Jen is so down to earth and knowledgeable on all things baby/birth/pregnancy related and I feel so much less anxiety approaching childbirth.

— Golda Abraham, Bondi

Jennifer is a true leader and inspiration in the field of pregnancy, antenatal care and giving birth.

— Ileana Hatton, Bondi

Jennifer is a truely amazing Midwife and woman. Thank you for making my pregnancy, birth, and transition into motherhood an unforgettable experience.

— Daniella Lacob, Rose Bay

Highly informative, calm and intimate environment where women can openly ask anything about pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. Highly recommend to anyone who is planning a family, is a mother already or a support person to those mentioned above.

— Miriam Dolnikov, Double Bay

Jennifer gave me such good advice to help me through a challenging time with my baby’s schedule. She’s caring, a great listener, extremely thorough and clearly loves her work. I would definitely recommend her.

— Simone Sontag, Bondi

Jen is amazing! Helped us with 4 births and we couldn’t have done it without her

— Haddon Suttner

I went to a class and found it so educational, fun and informative! Would highly recommend!!

— Rivkah Botnik

During a recent vacation to Australia, I had the opportunity to sit in on a Circles of Pregnancy education/support seminar taught by Jennifer Yehudit Hazi (June 2017). Jennifer and all the expectant and new mothers were incredible and welcoming. It was fantastic witnessing the extensive education opportunity the mothers were afforded with Jennifer leading and guiding them. She answered the questions so well and made clear they choices the mothers had for their birth and their newborn’s care. She has a wealth of knowledge and an easy and informative manner. Thank you again for letting me join in!

— Becky Lynn, Nebraska
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