Confident Birth Partner

Flexible online learning created for partners who want to help but have no idea where to start.

Instant and focused learning, with the option of live support and q & a.

Gain simple and effective tools to be an amazing support person for a woman in labour and meet your new baby with confidence.

It is no surprise that you are a bit anxious. I mean, for most people birth is shrouded in mystery. And there are just so many variables

It can easily feel like the experts should take over, and before you know it, you are sitting in the corner, checking your phone, desperate to be anywhere else at all. I have met partners like you, who feel overwhelmed and spend a great deal of labour and birth just wishing they could make it better, easier and quicker. Wishing they knew how to help instead of feeling awkward and helpless.

There is another way

Where you feel confident to help. Instead of hugging the walls, you are in the action. Instead of being as a bystander, you are an active participant. You understand what is happening, what questions to ask and feel prepared to work with Whatever labour brings.

You even feel confident knowing how to support with your baby’s first breastfeed, and connect with your brand new baby. You know that this experience has been transformational for you, for her, for your whole family.

In your minds eye, you can see this picture and it is amazing

I can help you turn this into reality.

Without long weekend classes, Without reading every birthing book, I know how busy you are, and that due date is getting closer and closer.

You will learn:

  • How to set up a birthing environment that actually supports her birthing hormones, helping her experience less pain and increase the effectiveness of her contractions.
  • Simple, easy to use tools that really help with labour pain
  • What you need to know about labouring at home.
  • Deciding when is the best time to leave for the hospital.
  • How what you say can really help (and topics what might be best to avoid).
  • Feel confident engaging in meaningful conversations with doctors and midwives to help your partner when making difficult decisions in birth.
  • Simple and effective steps you can take to help your baby transition to life and have a successful first breastfeed.
  • What you can do to really help if the unexpected happens.
  • Where you can access care and support for yourself (and why that matters SO much).

The Details:

2 modules with videos, handouts and links for further reading.

1 time purchase per family. So you can share it with your sister, mother, doula, friend, partner or anyone else who will be supporting you during this time.

Handouts and simple tools to make this information work for you.

Online Course”Confident Birth Partner” coming soon

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