Private Childbirth Education

Confidence to birth your baby.

Midwife facilitated, private and personalised antenatal education in the comfort of your own home


Ready to birth. Ready for Baby

Understanding birth (including the practical steps you can take to help ease discomforts) really helps increase positive experiences and outcomes for you and your family.

But more than that, taking time to process this information in the context of our specific life, goals and beliefs is what turns “birth classes” into “childbirth and parenting preparation”.

In short: this kind of birth prep gets you feeling ready for Motherhood and parenting in the real world.

Private birth and parenting preparation means you can bring your partner, doula, mother, sister, friend – whoever you want to have with you and supporting you in birth and the early days.

It means you can explore topics that matter most you you in a private and caring way. It is like having a trusted friend loaded with information and resources just for you.

Starting a family, although the most exciting thing, can also be a time of extra stress and worry. Having a good understanding of the choices in front of you, can help you feel confident in your decision making.

The first 3 months with your newborn can be challenging, but with some quality information and planning, can be rich with meaning and joy.

Early parenting education often includes information about: common tests and procedures offered for newborns, typical newborn behaviour in the first hour, weeks, months, a clear understanding on ways to enhance your baby’s development and mental and emotional health for new families in the early days.

Breastfeeding, Baby care, Sleep and settling and building a strong family foundation all starts here.

Keep reading below for a list of typical topics covered:

Typical Birth and Parenting Educational Content*

*Why do i say”typical”, because it is all about making sure You have time and space for your own personal questions to be answered and gather all the information you need to feel ready. This is simply a sample of the many topics we can cover.


  • Common discomforts of late pregnancy
  • optimal maternal and fetal positioning
  • The work of pregnancy
  • Helpful exercises for pregnancy
  • Mindfulness practice/ hypnotherapy for birth.


  • Understand the process of birth
  • Signs of early labour
  • Comfort measures for labour and birth
  • Common interventions you might be offered.
  • Medications and pain relief
  • Making decisions
  • Extra information eg. twins, vbac, etc.

Early Parenting

  • Postnatal physical recovery
  • Breastfeeding (and formula feeding where applicable)
  • Early newborn cues
  • Common tests and procedures offered to newborns eg. vaccination, hearing tests.
  • Common relationship changes
  • Emotional health, baby blues, postnatal depression.
  • Caring for your baby.
  • Soothing, settling and helping your baby sleep
  • Common worries and when to seek help

Please aim to book in for childbirth education by 32 weeks. However it is never too late to be in touch.

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