To expecting mothers everywhere. 5 reasons to consider ignoring every baby sleep book on the market.

1. There is no magic solution to babies waking. Definitely not one that you can only access for $30 in your local book store. Trust me. if there was a magic solution parents everywhere would be shouting it from the roof tops. 2. Many parenting books make you feel like a failure. It is classic […]

Early pregnancy symptoms-Sore breasts

As your pregnancy develops there is a wide range of changes that your body undergoes to prepare for creating breastmilk and feeding your baby.

Good news! any ‘advice’ you have been given about preparing your body for breastfeeding is now debunked!


Clearly your body is doing a fine job of that all by itself thank you very much. 

The problem with recommendations

Probably one of the biggest decisions we make very early in our pregnancy is deciding where we will have our baby and who will look after us. To further complicate the matter, this decision may have the greatest impact on how our baby comes into the world and how we are prepared for and supported in our mothering (or fathering).